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during hard time, does focusing matter more

When times are getting hard, cost of living crisis, life is difficult at the best of times!

This is why, having a focus on what is important, matters!

The most important things are different for each off us, but our focus on making sure we are financially able is key, not being distracted from this is also key!

Going back to our stones in the jar post, we need to limit the sand in the jar, the little things distracting us from core needs.

The problem is those distractions can cloud our goals, or needs, this is what actually effects and makes our problems worse, I had this in the past before the cost of living crisis really caught on, I was letting everything distract me and working myself to the bone, the thing is, life or my bank wasnt growing at all, only cost were!

Now I’m working less, but that work is more concentrated into core subjects (big rocks) that progress me!

The biggest part of this was taking time to actually write things down, where it is best to spend time, what’s the best use of time, what’s important to me and those that need me!

Taking time in a form of a bath with a bathbomb, I sorted out my time, I wrote a storm while my mind was relaxed, I took key count of what I wanted from my life, and working myself into a grave, or on unprofitable venture was not part of this!

Do you find this happening to you, do you take time for yourself, it is part of life, we are not machines, we need our reflecting time, if we do not relfect, how can you know where we came from and project where we are going to!

It’s time you took your bath bomb moment, got your time in order, stopped wasting your time on sand, as sand just slips away!

When you get your time in order, your life is so much more fuller due to focus, its better and more productive!

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