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Do you plan to get out and doing things that make you tired?

A blog on Relaxing, a crazy weekend away actually helps you relax more!

Yep, that is right, you go away, get dirty, get drunk (if that is your thing) eat crap food (that is my thing at times)

Get wet, sleep in rough conditions, wake up worse for wear, is kind of rewarding.

Its mad isn’t it, we beat ourselves up for a festival weekend away and feel better for it, the more I think about it, the more I understand this, we work hard in our jobs or business, then we should have our goals, to have blow away weekends to break free from the norms.

I love going on quick breaks away, 4 day breaks in another country, I call this my binge holidays experience, but one thing I noticed is how much stress it is, but it is worth it also, I feel refreshed, like when Im having a bath bomb moment, I take my books, I write my thoughts, while visiting monuments of interest, or chilling in a café or on a beach!

This makes me wonder, are there good stresses as well as bad, or is it the break from monotony, the need for fresh air?

sometimes you do get set into a routine, but are routines also a narrow corridor of life, on the treadmill of life, this is why a break away, where we break the seems, allow ourselves to release the built up steam, come home a bit broken, but feeling better for it.

This is what happened to me this weekend, went to the Eisteddfod, slept in the van, had a good drink, got wet, listened to music, chatted to people, got to know strangers, and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.

This is life, we are emotional, we get stressed, and those stresses need an outlet, we need experiences, this brings value to our life.

Planning for the outlets keeps things interesting, we notice where we are going wrong in life, a sort of base point to see if you are happy with the way things are.

I learnt that Im not happy, and Im looking at adapting to the change, will it be more of the same, or will it be complete change!

I have a few paths, both scare me, one actually scares me less, I think I want freedom to be where I want to be, the one shows me I would be the same regardless of what changes I start, the other it potential for change. the problem with the first, it has a potential to help with my other plans as well.

but its all focus and slow moving! I just want a some sort of happiness, as we all do, and  I experienced this again! so time to write the pro’s and cons again and jump in, you guys should do the same, get your pen and paper out and work out what feels better!

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