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Do our phone Pavlov us

I have been trying to stop myself jumping to the ping of my phone.

Why do we do this


Pavlov conditioning of his dogs had a long sounding effects, to the point that phone and app companies use this to effect us and make us want to use our phone more frequently, its called gamification in the programming world.

Do we entrap ourselves to our phones ping, did smart phones make us dumper?

The trip back to pen and paper


This is what started me on my path back to pen and paper, I noticed how much my phone tries to grab my attention, it is almost like it was holding back an email to get me back to the lit screen of exploration!

Although my future exploration is more focused on the world, my start to this is changing what I want my distractions to be, what engages my Dopamine and trick my dopamine to like what I want it to like, I have been trailing this when exercising also, by saying things like this, “you are beating this”, “you are winning” and “I’m entering a new level”

its always about motivating yourself, being kind to yourself, changing that negative speech/negative habits



This is all for cognitive training as well as physical training, stopping that reaction to grab the easy tasks, the easy entertainment, making that stuff seem boring and less attractive!

You need to break this link, time away from your items also helps, leaving you phone when you go for a bath with a bath bomb and your thoughts helps also, it just takes some doing to start, when you are left with your thoughts, you find you might not be able to write straight away, but starting to write anything is good.

This is what Stephen King does, he just starts writing and has never complained for writers block.

The Benefits of


Pavlov hit the world with a profound discovery, with this we can be trained, but it also means we can train ourselves to be the person we want to be.

Do you know who you want to be, what traits you would like yourselves to have, read more, or start exercising, Pavlov’s experiment helps us with this.

When I write down my thoughts, I start planning how I want to start conditioning myself to get excited about doing things, like clapping my hands as a lets get ready (this fires me up) or a set calendar alarm (yes I know but this is me conditioning myself, not the apps ) to do one of my rock (its a jar experiment of filling your jar with big objects (tasks) first)



When you look into the programming, that is happening to you, it is interesting, we need to use this conditioning to our advantage, when you do, you are in control of what ever you want your future to be, I have noticed a change since I started Pavlov’s conditioning (called Anchoring in Humans) and can help with depression or excelling new skills!

The problem is it takes time and at first conscious effort to enact/enable this Anchoring (Pavlov’s conditioning)

what skills would you condition yourself to like?

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