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do bath bombs help sore muscles

Your muscles are sore, do bath bombs help sore muscles?

This is what I asked again on the weekend before jumping in the bath, the reason for this will surprise you!

20 Miles!

Well, it was over 20 miles I walked on a Friday night, lovely walk, but towards the end, I could feel the muscles giving in, my foot went, slowing me down, making the last stage of the walk harder!

How did this happen, well, I feel out with a friend, was it a bad thing, not really.

You have to look at things in two way, all over walking through the dark canal patch and a mis-understanding of words

We decided on a pub crawl through country lanes near his place, there is 3 pubs in about 4 miles, of each other, well an idea popped into our minds to catch up with each other and do a pub crawl!

I have been busy renovating my house, so not had much time to go out, needed to focus on my house! even though I still have a lot of work to do, I thought, lets give it a rest this weekend!

The night was good, fun, invigorating, so I though.

Blew up

To have a friend go from nice to really going at me for no reason over the fact I wanted to walk in the dark along a Canal for machismo reason and story telling in the future?

Some might think he had fears, but this is not the case, I known him for too long, so out of character!

All because I said it equals to what I use to experience, when I walked home in my younger days from Newport to Cwmbran, along the canal, and he stated, no it isn’t, its darker here, from Newport its has lights!

I thought back and said, no it doesn’t, to then find out he walked along the road, not the canal (I’m diluting the argument and the blowing out of proportions here mind)!

This then got me thinking after, how would he have reacted if I spoke to him like this, would I have done the same afterwards!

The Walk and the thinking

I walked home from his, I’d have had less sore muscles if I had just done the work on my place!

I love Walking, it gives you a lot of motion to your thinking, walking helps progress thinking, and along the way home, I was wondering if he would text me at least to see if I was ok, nothing came.

I know if it was me, I’d feel too guilty and would have messaged! I have done it in the past, this added to my equation, does he deserve my friendship, the answer is starting to speak for its self.

Do bath bombs help sore muscles

Well after hobbling the last mile and waking up in the morning to very sore feet and legs, I couldn’t do anything on Saturday, so I rested, and on Sunday I had enough of the pain, was walking around a bit, but not enough!

I ran a bath, got out the trusty Bath Bombs and mixed the two into a moment that seen my muscles feel better!

So the answer in short is a YES, they do help, it adds to the process, it helps take the weight off your muscles, let the body heal.

The aroma also helps relax you, helps take your mind away, stop thinking about the ache

I also took my journal into the bath, and wrote away on my thoughts, these thoughts wasn’t on what happen, but on progression of life, epiphanies’ that I have had through the week, see how journaling helps

It is now Monday, I feel like I can take on the world, I feel like I have a focus, I did one of my immovable objects seen engagement from this, and feel like I’m going to win, I feel like am a better person!

I love this thinking, its about managing the negative thoughts, and I suffer them greatly, but I’m not thinking bad about me, and not seeing myself as the cause of all faults, and going to look for solutions to those that I do do!

you should do the same, set yourself, your future self, up for the win, by starting today, your future self will thank you for it!

Do bath bombs help sore muscles, I say YES they do, and Bath Bombs do a lot more also, they help with clearing the mind! meditation if you would allow!

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