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Cold Weather and Cold bones

Cold Weather and Cold bones

Take if from me as someone that has worked on building sites in the cold weather, it isn’t nice, it does build character, but I soon chose an inside job over the building industry after a few years.

I thought I was being smart going into electrician field of work, till I had to work on the River Severn in Freezing conditions with blistering wind, no matter what clothes you had on, that wind went through you!

To working in Scotland in conditions that were close to artic, huddled around a 500w halogen light for warmth on my fingers thinking, dam, I choose wrong!

Don’t get me wrong, I recommend the building industry for people to learn GREAT skills, but it was never for me!

Its why I offer bath bombs, I know the power of a warm bath to warm your body up, to perk you up, and to make sure you are healthy and relaxed, and not stressed.

I live a life that try’s to follow my ethos.

why you should choose a warm bath

There is health benefits to embracing the cold, from better immunity response to clearer skin and improved circulation, but its not something I can say for 8hrs working in -5 plus weather conditions.

I remember I worked in Tesco’s in Chepstow’s cold storage Wearhouse, pulling trollies around for an 8hr shift in -3 plus conditions, where when you went outside, in winter, you warmed up, this was in -1 outside and snowing lol

Yes, I have had a fun working life, lots of experiences, and no one can take that from me, and I enjoyed every job (to some extent)

There is also evidence in Warming your bones and giving yourself a warm bath, take Japan, the land of Nippon loves baths, its a cultural identity, Japan has the larges concentration of warm springs also, so it is natural that the Nipponese (Japanese) would become a lover of warm baths with over 2000 known warm water springs.

You add in natural salts and oils, and your experiences is heightened, your ability to relax and repair is greatly increased, especially if you add oils for you skin.

There is benefits for you to embrace cold, if you look at your body as a 100w bulb, then when you add cold to it, your body has to work harder to warm its self, this is why you eat more in winter, to fatten up against the cold and lack of food, the cold helps burn fat for excess heating, too long and you are burning too much needed energy.

You need warmth, to keep your body functioning, thus having a warm bath helps, it keeps you healthy and warmer for longer and illness free.

A warm bath with a bath bomb will benefit you, from the your immune system, helping you stave off arthritis and fighting virus’s and germs.

Keep yourself healthy with a Warm bath this winter, your future self will thank you for it!.

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