Cariad Bombs

Candles and Bath bombs, the ultimate relaxed moment

How many have gazed into a fire, let your mind wandered, s your mind wandered, picture’s played in your mind!

I love this, I love the display of pictures played, its why I like candles in the bath when I am relaxing with bath bombs, the aroma’s, the feel good factor, the dance of the candle, you know its time to let your mind relax!

You should never trust your brain to relax, you should make the setting where your mind can relax!

Everyone needs their own space, and the more that space fits the moment, ie to relax, then you are going to find it easier to get into the relaxed state, this is a reason to add candles!

Candles, in human history have inspired a lot of imagination, great works of art and literature has been inspired by candle light, is this because it gives our minds something simple and moving (practically alive) to focus on and lose ourselves in?

Using the mind doesn’t stress us out, its not giving our mind enough time to work out all the problems and ideas that its thought up and imagined solutions for, then forgotten due to new information.

There are now study’s showing that high achievers achieve more due to taking more breaks, allowing themselves time to digest information, then act on the new info, also to replenish energy to fight the next battle!

its time we did the same, focusing on simple things for a minute or 2, allows our mind enough time to let go, or organise thoughts, and for you to rest up and gather energy again!

Its about maintaining energy levels, if we wake up at roughly 100% on a good day, how quickly do eat through our energy levels and start yawning, getting distracted from our task and goals, stressing ourselves out more due to task left uncompleted or taking longer!

we shouldn’t feel guilty for getting distracted, we burnt through our resources, we depleted our energy levels, we believe we need to run 100 miles an hour to get things done quickly, but the opposite is more true, we need to take our time

Time to allow our minds to run away to its own space, place time in your day for more quick breaks! dont feel guilty, allow yourself time to gaze into candle light as you chill in the bath.

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