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Can we runaway too much from our problems

I read a lot of time management books, its good to try and be organised, the reason for this is so I can get my time to chill and explore the world!

There are points where you can get to bogged down and/or to lax with your time!

There in lies a problem, what is worth monitoring and when is is the right time for relaxing!

Especially when your time isn’t use to “blocking time”, I live a very random life, it leads to an interesting life, but also, time can run away with itself.

Gaining control of your time/life, while having that time to be random, fun and adventures , while having that time also for thought collection, like with a bath and some bath bombs

I then read a story about filling a jar, and how you start with the rocks first (the big items) and once the jar has enough of them with can add in other stuff! (in this case it was smaller rocks sand and water)

What are the big important rocks in your life (for me its getting away, but how do I do this while affording my little get aways) I think about what are the important work rocks that need doing in order for me to enjoy the smaller rock (ie the traveling)

I spent a bit of time thinking on what are the big rocks, and for me its marketing, writing blogs and exercising!

these 3 things above are going to be the corner stone of my days for the next 3 months, and I will update you to how it goes, I will add reading into this, as i like that anyway!

When it come’s down to you, do you know what your big rocks are, the rocks that should be the most important things you have to do, not could/should do, write them down, also, write down the things you could do, if you have to many could/should’s in your head, get rid of them, write a list of them on some paper and then you can free up that space for must do or I will do!

Its all about simple things, little changes, not massive quick changes lets get our time back and plan for that all important our time while being productive!

Sometimes its about easing yourself gently into the hot baths in order to enjoy the bath to its best (with a BATH  bomb also, dont for get this)

We will baffle people with how much we get done, while having lots of time on our plate as well!

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