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border patrols and Bath Bomb changes

Why Border controls?

We have been watching border control program called, Nothing to Declare.

As someone who like to travel, it was an eye opener, I seen one program where they hid things in candles!!!!

Makes me a bit worried now regarding Bath Bombs (just in an over thinking sense), I can imagine how hard our suppliers work to show creditability to ensure that our bath bombs ingredients and end product is of the highest quality.

No doubt there has been problems with customs in the past when customs are doing their job and checking over the products and need to be extra vigilant over a tip off!

Our suppliers deal with Indonesia, which although being a Muslim country, still has 6m people with substance abuse issues, its sad how this devastates areas, and then you have people taking advantage of people with these issues.

Why you should buy from our supplies

Some of the things I watched and the program highlights, show or states that people in a desperate place, go to desperate activities to get themselves out of a sticky situation.

There was a couple of lads from Nottingham, that got into a car accident, and had a £3000 excess to pay off, they were lured into bring into Britain cheap tax free cigarettes, they got caught, and the £200 they were to be paid and the efforts they went through was for nothing in the end!

You have to get, it can happen to anyone, a wrong more, something used against you and next thing you know you are a mule! caught, and it is a long time behind bars!

Its why We like doing this

From a deprived background, we all want better for ourselves, life isn’t easy, but getting to that level, is something we are glad we never dropped to!

I knew a few that went down that way, one lost his house, another friend was being too “jack the lad” and went down for a bit, the one thing I can say, at least it was only light stuff they were dealing in (that I knew about at least)

Does it make it better, its not something I’m going to argue here, I’m all about relaxing, and I promote relaxing, but its not an argument for me, it stay out of it!

My vices are Tea with three sugars, and I do question this amount of sugar, I have a major sweet tooth problem, and I have read Jocko Wilko who calls sugar a poison, you want to see what he calls hunger pangs lol

Back to Bath Bombs

Life is all about getting what we want, is there enough to go around, I don’t know.

But its why we promote taking time and noting your life’s plans, its all about knowing your goals, and not getting caught up in other peoples head winds, I know this for sure, I have seen it effect people badly!

Taking that time, know your plan, don’t mind hick ups listen to them and re-evaluate, take a relaxing moment, absorb the aromas, and remember, life isn’t as bad as it seems.

Like a GPS map, a break down can happen on the travels to the destination, but you will still get there if you set it up enough to get there! sometimes it might take you days and weeks, but it will happen.

So Time to relax and enjoy the time before our next blog, where im going to be taking more notes for myself, join in

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