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book and Bath Bomb moment!

book and bath bomb moment.

Its my relaxing cup of tea, well if you add in a tea with 3 sugars, I’ll give you my version of heaven!

A book is great at any time, but when you are at your most relaxed moments, and you are swirling in aromas, you can be transported to far away places!

I love letting my mind wonder, but with a book, I feel like its guided meditation, where I’m in control, yes Im following the story, but the words are my interpretation, down to my imagination.

What’s you favourite book, I could say the harry potters, I could say Lord of the rings, but my favourite book is Thomas Harris Hannibal, it is an awesome book, and sheds new light on Mr Lecter’s life.

But if I want a giggle and to let my imagination run free, give me a terry Pratchett, the world that Terry created is beyond imagination, its so imaginative, people actually live in it, you follow the characters in their daily lives and their adventures, I miss Terry!

When it comes to mood setting for a book, I suggest a bath bomb with lots of aroma, and a nice warm bath, settle in and let your mind ride the words.

I normally read business or educational stuff these days!

Like the routine machine buy John Lamerton, its a good book (audio also) if you want to get a good idea of how to structure your plan, and make you plans come true!

Ever since I have been setting my MIT (Most important tasks) I feel different, I feel like things progress.

I should set a task to read a fiction book again, as it has been to long, I did dust off Hannibal again, read a few chapters, but not picked it up again sadly.

Does this happen to you, I suspect life always gets in the way, way to often, but we should reclaim, Im all about time to myself, i know this is harder when kids need you! but be selfish

What book would you take into the bath with you, or would you just enjoy your music, this I agree with, but I manly use music at fast pace for when I excersize, using the right tool for the job in my thinking!

When it comes down it, feelings move the idea, if you feel like you need music, run with it, if you need words of encouragement, audiobook to the mind,  if washing away the day and relaxing, a book and a bath bomb wins!



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