Cariad Bombs

Bathbomb or bath bomb

So, which is it, some people might consider BATHBOMB as one word, its an item that takes the two words and is described perfectly like this!


You could get away with either way, I liked finding out about this, as I like playing around with words, I like writing, which is why I write these blogs, providing fun and value! and most of all, ways to chill!

Im a chiller by nature, I love to chill, and I love to imagine also, I think it the way the brain escapes, by playing with words, is another way to escape, to build new ideas, or to gather thoughts as you mull over problems, it also builds new pathways in your mind!

So, which is the better describer, the Bathbombs or bath bombs? I don’t think it matters, rules of English are there, but use what you think is best for you, as long as you articulate what you need to get across then you are fine!

I do like to use both ways, use what feels best, if you are filling your google search engine, and do it quick and miss the space, Google’s algorithm knows, so it shows it doesn’t matter again


why stress about it, there are more important things to worry about, which is why focus is the key to relaxing

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