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bath bombs when pregnant

Serious concern

when thinking about using bath bombs when pregnant.

When we get questions on this issue, we want to make sure your concerns are addressed.

You want to relax, a child on the way, time to relax, bath run to take the weight off,  your body is never comfortable! the last thing you want is to know the Bath Bomb would hurt you or your bundle of joy.

The Products/ingredients used in our bath bombs are all natural, but you should make sure you have no allergies to certain products, but this is if the products are used as intended!

If there are concerns, we suggest avoiding the products that increase the PH balance and causing a Yeast infection, if this happens, always consult your doctor, this is the same with bubble baths

There is also a great article on netmums that I’ll link that you should read, on there they list things to avoid and give great advice!

If it is your first time being a mum, then the whole site is worth your time, great knowledge base for would be mum’s

In general, you should relax, the less stress on the baby is always a great thing for your health and your babies health, avoid overheating, as it can be bad for your baby!

The Shea butter in bath bombs will help your skin while it is stretching, the moisturising agent contains collagen, which helps the skin keep its suppleness during these times!

We are all about preventing and feeling good, and your emotions during this time need support, and feeling good about yourself afterward is part of the battle, you are going to go through a lot of changes.

Find consistency, look after your body, and then, the baby will be in a happier environment, be happy with the experience, and you will have a happier experience!

I’m going to be honest, I’m writing this from a guys point of view, that has no kids, nephews and a niece, but I’m writing it from a point of view that if I had a Wife/Gf going through this, i’d act this way and make sure she is/was happy!

so forgive me for the ignorance, if not, comment below and add your experiences, you might help someone, a word of advice goes a long way!

We wouldn’t suggest Floral Fizz during this time, stick with the standard bath bomb which doesn’t have floral bits.

We would suggest Shea Bath Bombs as an added extra for your skin, please be mindful when getting out of the bath

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