Cariad Bombs

Bath Bombs v Chill Pills

We all know the size of bath bombs

Why should you consider chill pill’s as an option for your next baths!

In one word, do you need to waste all that bath bomb in one bath?

Now, do not get me wrong, the experience, the feeling, and the aroma, from one bath bomb more than makes it worth the full dunking of a bath bomb, more so when you have had an extra extremely hard day, that one bath bomb has a potential to get you back to relaxed state!

What about those quick bath nights, why not try and save yourself money with Chill pills, smaller, and coming in packs of ten, do a good job at providing the aroma, and if you need that little bit more, you can use two!

This is the ways that we help in Cariad Bomb, we want you to have the best experience, we want our customers to re-purchase, not due to us constantly selling to our customers, but because they see the value in buying!

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