Cariad Bombs

Bath bombs moment

When it comes to bath bombs, you need to know that you get gives you the best aromas and silky skin and makes you feel the best after

how do Cariad bomb help with this?

by providing the best quality products, good service and advice to get and give you the best relaxing experience that a bath bomb can provide!

Why not try, when you need that relaxing moment, its not if, its when, having bath bombs in your bathroom, ready, makes it easier to relax, don’t come homes stressed and find you have run out, come home and get that unwind time, get that you time, collect your thoughts, and then have a better evening and sleep!

this is what we do here at cariad bomb, we are all about relaxing, I hope you follow this business and support us and yourselves with relaxing and living the best life from the best position for the next day!

We understand these stresses, we dealt with them, and know the power of a bath, that moment in your bath, the warm waters, the smell of the aroma’s and the feel of the salts!


We welcome you to the site and our journey and forgive us if we have spelling mistakes!

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