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Bath bombs for Sleep

Sleep is the most imports event of our days.


Im not a big sleeper, Alas, I find it hard staying in bed, I like my power naps, I think after years of finding how to sleep, power naps were my best option!

I need as many aids as possible to help me get to sleep at night, I will go over a few ways I do this, and a bath bomb for sleeping is one of these major ways!


Its all about allowing yourself to switch off, I know crazy isnt it, you have to allow your self to switch off, but if we do not, then when will we, from a new mother to a dad with a stressful engaging job, your mind constantly thinks over things that it has experienced through the day!


So, what is your process of you telling yourself that you are allowed to let go off your day!


here is some of the things I do

  1. write things down, this way I get them off my mind, but I dont forget them, it actually helps me organise thoughts and answer some of the problems also!
  2. I have a cup of sweet tea! this is important, I only drink coffee through the day, but when I drink my tea, I know I can relax! do you have your starter gun to kick you off?
  3. Don’t get worked up at things in the house, just deal with them slowly, rushing things in the house to get them done, does make them get done any faster!
  4. I take time for myself, I love going in the bath, and relaxing there, and letting myself go, I love allowing the pictures to flow in my mind with no control, and the aromas and silky feel after I been soaking in the bath with the bath bombs helps this and sets me up for the night!
  5. I listen to a YouTube channel called, the relax guy, that is awesome, for lack of a better word, simple sounds that help, try the channel!

Like everything in life, its all about the set up! I know, its easier in theory, the hardest part is incorporating it into your life and routine, I mean, do you have the bath bombs for sleep to hand?

this is why I added things you can do now! the youtube channel is easy, the tea is normally on hand, everyone has a pen and paper, that is if you can find the pen!


lets get you to sleep at night again, try our bathbombs and try the above, give yourself permission!

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