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bath bombs for sensitive skin

Are bath bombs for sensitive skin, ok?

This is a good concern, and rightly so, your skin, especially when sensitive, should be looked after, it is the biggest organ you have, and your skin works hard to protect you, we have to do our best to look after our skin, which is why I love the topic of baths and bath bombs for sensitive skin.

I have had sensitive skin all my life, give me cotton wool and watch me run from the stuff, its my worst nightmare, but I can use bath bombs for sensitive skin fine, it not only helps moisturise my skin which hinders it being sensitive, but relaxes me and makes me feel good, while helping to repair some of the day to day damage

I once had a partner that wore a very soft top and I refused to hug her that day, and when my mom had a new carpet when I was younger, I could not walk on it without socks or slippers on, if I didn’t have these on, I’d walk on my heals to get to the sofa, with a half a living room jump that would impress most Olympians.

Why do we have Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is normally a symptom of another condition, this can present it self suddenly, or you could have had the problem a while.

My problem is lack of moisture in my skin that leaves it sensitive to touch, working outdoors a lot when younger didn’t help, but also lead me to enjoying baths more as a kid due to the relief it brought me for a few days after (drop in a bath bomb or some bubble bath and I was a happy man) and the bath bombs for my sensitive skin helped me more than bubble bath.

Here is a great link if you are starting your research into your sensitive skin 

How do bath bombs help

Firstly, all our bath bombs are sourced from natural products, from the salts to the colouring, to the salts that dissolves in the bath, all, in effect are good for you.

Saying this, there are some eczema and skin conditions that you should consult your doctor before using new product, or products that you are un aware of, there are some people who have a lower tolerance to some things also, but with our sourcing only naturally occurring ingredients, this is very unusual

The biggest ingredient is bicarbonate of soda, which is anti-inflammatory while also being an antiseptic, placing decarbonate on cuts, cleans the cuts of germs, Bicarbonate is very safe to use, great for stings and bug bites.

We would suggest care when using this if you have Psoriasis, some say it sooths their itchiness, others say it irritates their Psoriasis more, this shows that no-one persons condition is the same, and personal understanding and doctors advice should be taken into consideration when using bath bombs for sensitive skin.

Bicarbonate is known to help with ingrowing hairs, added with Shea butter, this will not only stop ingrowing hair, but also moisturise your skin at the same time.

Dont forget Shea

We have done a write up on Shea butter in the past, and, on my research of Shea butter, I must say it is impressive stuff.

Having used bath bombs with Shea butter in, also, I know that it deserves the prestige it is given and understand why its added to bath bombs as a beauty product.

Not only does Shea butter moisturise your skin, it actually makes it younger, collagen is very ripe in Shea butters structure, and this same collagen is found in your skin, replacing damaged or used collagen.

What’s the story then

While we are all about healthy living and looking after our minds and bodies, we do neglect the skin, the amount of damage the skin takes for us each day, deserves respect and now our care.

Which is why a moisturising bath in some lovely Shea buttered bath bombs or a standard bicarbonate bath bomb, gives our skin some much needed love, so if you have sensitive skin, and are looking for a Bath Bomb for sensitive skin, look no further and give our products a try

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