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bath bombs and relaxing

When it comes to relaxing, there is not lot you need to do, its all about setting yourself up to relax!


I know, easy to say, hard to do, its that stick in the wheels moment, that something that trips you up! that you cant stop from making your day harder!

This is where several steps, that will help you let go of the day!


  1. Meditate. Meditation is so popular for a reason.
  2. Read A Book. Take a rest from social media, give yourself a break from your phone and TV for 1 hour and reward yourself
  3. Exercise.
  4. Plan for a fun event, give yourself something to look forward to
  5. Take A Long Bath. Whenever you feel stressed out, the best solution is a long bath.

The general theme about is about slowing down, taking 1 minute and collecting your thoughts, this is hard when you are in your normal “busy” environment, this makes it harder to switch off, the above methods are all about switching off!

This is also why we feel more relaxed in places we never visit often, like a park or a coffee shop, you imagine trying to relax when you are at your office, where you are normally switched on and constantly getting asked questions and asked to do things, or the same at your home, where there is people needing your time for something!

This means, alone time in these places, are hard to find.

But in the home, the bath is one place where where you can find that break from the chaotic goings on’s, that moment to yourself, that, let your self exhale and feel the tension go!

You add in a bath bomb to this moment and you are not only relaxed, the aromas and feel whisks you away to where ever you feel! choose exotic fragrances, to calming lavenders, to muscle releasing Fragrances

Try a bath next time, add one of our bath bombs, we are all about relaxing, and relaxing is what we do!

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