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Bath Bombs and Relaxing

My top suggestions for that end of the day relax is Lavender & Seed Bath Bomb, find the link HERE

You will not be disappointed! these Lavender and Seed Bath Bombs are the end of day relaxing moment that you need, set yourself up to sleep tonight, I cant say a full 8 hours, but its not all about a full 8 hours, its all about REM Sleep, this is where your mind organises its self, it is also the worst time to wake up mid REM sleep!

The goal of going to bed is getting a minimum of of 1 REM ever 90 minutes! the more you experience over the night, the better, this means you gain a restful sleep! the deeper the sleep, the better, this is why its good to get a routine going so when you go to bed, your mind and body knows what its next job will be, and that is a restful sleep!

Bath Bombs are a part of that trip, as we talked about in the past, the Lavender and Seed Bath Bomb is key to this, getting those REM’s in as fast and as many as possible is a routine away! also, turning of the TV, I know it is hard, but, it helps, I find this hard, which is why I put white noise on, the likes of the Relaxing guy on you tube is a dream come true for me, 5 mins and I’m out, the different sound he puts on there helps relax our mind, gives you something else to focus on!

So, what are you doing to get yourself into that sleep zone! do you have that moment to yourself, work out a little, read, get a bath going and get a bath bomb in there and don’t let your mind wonder through the TV or Youtube channels and be happy with yourself! time for a great sleep.


Check out the Lavender and seed bath bomb here and sleep great tonight, here is the LINK

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