Cariad Bombs

bath bombs after driving

I can tell you one thing for sure, after a long day of driving, a bath with bath bombs, do help you relax!

to top it off, I was fighting against that wind, at one point with storm was so strong, it maybe my van go from 60 to 40mph, this was without my slowing down, that was some gust!

so a 14 hour day, most of it driving again, sometime you just end up in the driving seat and have to deal with the stress!


do you find it stressful driving, I have done a lot of driving in my life, but I do love the bath at the end of the day, more so when its cold!

I love my, “things to come home to”, but I cant wait for my next holiday, bathbombs in the bag and beaches ahoy!


which is better, beeches, or city breaks, im still in two minds with this!


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