Cariad Bombs

Bath Bombs after building work

When bath bombs relaxed my body

Decided to sort something that was annoying me, it was a slightly angled wall that was covering an old door.

It made the area unusable, I could put nothing in that area, it just gathered dust, I have had plans to square the area, and I final decided, that’s it, it needs to be sorted!

I have been doing work in my kitchen, finishing off the floor and sorting out the door making it look finished!

The end result is the door looking better, looking finished, I found I could move on with only a couple of little finishing’s to be done (sanding down), and I cleared the area where the old door was and just through, now this area is cleared of wood, I’m going to sort this out!

Day one

Visited B&Q got all the materials (I thought lol) that I needed to started work

What ensued was two days of bashing the walls, ripping plaster board off, cutting wood and another visit to B&Q again.

More cutting and fixing wood, lots of  lifting and bending and twisting

Saturday the day finished, I was worse for wear, had a shower, went to bed, found it hard to sleep body was aching.

Day Two

I need to go back to B&Q again, this was to pick up, this time it was one piece of wood and 4 sheets of plaster board and some light switches.

I had sealed the wall off last night so my cat wouldn’t go for a wonder around the house, I re-opened the space, and fixed the pieces of wood that I bought and cut down the ply board fixed it to the pieces of wood.

When I fixed this Ply board back into place, It looked flush, I was proud of this result, next stage, fixing the plasterboard!

I placed in the wood pieces to fix the plasterboard to and started the fixing of the plasterboard, but again, more bending lifting, cleaning so everything fitted in place!

This was another hard day! felt tired after, and I decided it was time for a Beer! and much needed it was, drinking and listening to music I felt like I could go another round.

I just had the sides of the pillars to finished off that didn’t take me much longer and now tidy up time!

After finishing, it was cleaning up time, and I felt tired and I felt like it was time to relax and have a bath, with a lavender bath bomb!

So washing off the dust as I didn’t want the dust effecting my bath, I then started filling the bath and PLOP, in went the bath bomb with the aroma breaking free of the bomb, and the shea butter bath bomb spreading through the water.

I was sat and I started feeling my muscles start to easy bones relax, it was like heaven, I instantly  relaxed, I needed that! and its why this website is dedicated to making sure I am helping people relax and have a better life.




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