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Bath Bomb to one percent better

What we watched

We watched a video on how to make yourself one percent better everyday!

The problem is how do you make it quantifiable, I like to help on these aspect.

Watching these videos that add a lot of fluff, circulating words, acting like they are giving value, but leave you pumped up with thinking a few days later with the word “what did they say” then you watch it again and they were trying to sell you a course!

It annoys me to no end! and how do you make yourself one percent better! do you just try one percent harder each day, like with that extra mile, what is the start of that extra percent, and when do you think it is enough, at the end of 100 days and you hit 100% what then?

Do you keep going or assume you hit the panicle of your abilities? how do you measure it? are you even aloud a break or is a break a mental breakdown?

What do they mean

I slightly get what they mean by one percent better, but the reality is that you got to get it to fit in with your life, and that is not easy, because you have to remember it! you have to not be distracted by other things!

Your future is normally set by past agreed commitments, like a kids school play, meeting friends, got to do the dishes at a certain time, or watch a certain program, or have a Bath Bomb Moment once a week to relax!

Any of these can throw you out and make it harder to keep the adjustments going in your life, what is worse, is if you are getting results and decided to stop!

Most things are in the set up, I have had a long mission to a better memory, and the amount of times I have been thrown off this path its unreal, all down to life and not setting things up to practise!

To help with learning memory I started learning a my native language, I gained results and stopped using the memory practise and next thing I knew I was forgetting things and getting overwhelmed by the new information!

The one percent was helping me here but, life got in the way and I fell out of the pattern, and just didn’t start back up again! I have plans to but I have other things in the loop that has stopped me.

Its about setting yourself up to win, giving yourself a plan, like when you are in the bath with a bath bomb, the events activities you want to improve!

If that is cutting eating that one thing, or push ups every day (we are now talking about the starting moment) for the first time, you try 1 push up or 10 push ups for a set period of time to start doing these, and then record the progress.

Do you know how powerful this was for me with 3min star jumps a day over a 30day period, this is now at 50days, and I’m still going strong, walked up a hill near me, I beat my brother up the hill and wasn’t as tired when I got to the top, he was slightly more out of breath!

This accumulation off evens is giving me more confidence and more health, Einstein said compounding is the magic formula in life, if you want that success formula, the magic pill, then learn compounding and compound a subject till you understand it more than anyone else!

Lets say its reading a book on starting a business, then you set up reading a page a day till you start the business, by the time you start, you have the knowledge to kick start everything!

Putting an X on the page, gave me massive lift over the period of time, this was epic compounding that was on the page visual and the results showing!

The Goals

Set time for yourself, work out what you want! this needs to be a during quiet moment, like in the bath with your journal.

Once you you have set this, what you then have to do is set the plan, a time, through the week when you can do this, the more simpler, the easier you can make it for you to do the task you set, the easier it is and more likely you will do the task!

Remember, the time you do the tasks, doesn’t have to be set, the task just needs to be done! we talked about filling a jar with rocks and putting the biggest rocks in first, when you set your calendar, you set the important tasks, and then set the other tasks!

What you set and when you set the task is down to you and your time, but each time you set and DO the tasks, you are improving by one percent better, from tidying your bed every morning, to learning programming, you will find, in 30days, things change, you know more! you become something different! its powerful if you give it time!

So time to set a task and make that calendar colourful, oh, its what I do, I set a colour for an important task in my phone, these are my immovable rocks, this is a quick visual guide so I know I have done the task or have task to do and to monitor, or make developments happen!

These are, blog every day, do an income producing activity (put signs up and make phone calls) I start and set these task and duration, when I see that red (the colour I set) I do that task at that time if I can (if not I set it when I can that day)

Time to make our future ours, not the whim of luck!


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