Cariad Bombs

Bath bomb productivity

It is hard to take that time for yourself, do you know why, its cause in general we are not selfish!

But, for our ability to not be selfish, we need to be productive, and trying to be on “fire” every second of the day, also isn’t fair to those who needs you.

Taking time to yourself, instantly makes you more productive, happier and able to function for those around you!

So, to not be selfish, you have to have a selfish bit of YOU time!

Its why I like the YING YANG, in either side, you have to have a bit of the other side, otherwise, its just not complete, functional and things do not fit in the order of the universe!

Productivity comes from having lapses of unproductive times also, having time to yourself, makes you ready for the next bout!

so, take a bath, takes some you time and unwind and make yourself productive with a bath bomb!

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