Cariad Bombs

Are holidays suppose to have this much stress!

The More I run this business, the more I realise the stresses of life that we need a break from.

We shouldn’t run from all problems, but it doesn’t mean that we should give all our problems attention!

Now we go on holiday to get away from problems for the most part, that break away! the ability to forget what we will eventually come home to, the added bonus is we get to see things we learn about!

Going aboard is in itself, stressful! when you get on get up in the morning, till you land at the other side, it’s a logistical nightmare, one that you fear if you have forgotten somwthing or to lock your doors!

But the current problems in the airports are a nightmare before you even start, when you have delays, it eats into your time in another country, that is if your fight isnt cancelled!

You need your aromatherapy when you get there, shower streamers are perfect for this, not only can they go through in your carry on luggage, they dont need to be in the plastic bag!

Taking these with you means on the other side you have your relaxing moment with you.

Now be prepared for the flights and delays with your bath bombs in hand to relax at the end of the fight! I do!

The current delays in the airports are nothing short than nightmares, I know, I was caught in them! my fight time was changed, the boarding area changed atr the last minute and the only way we found out was due to a random passenge in the terminal next to where we were waiting told us!

so a 5 hour standard flight time turned into 15 hours!

I definitely needed a bath after, I relaxed massively.

I hope you have a great holiday this summer! but takeing time to plan ahead and knowing there will be a problems will help deal with those problems, some airlines, (mine was WizzAir) they were texting me with delay updates, this helped a little!

having a little extra money for things to eat and drink that doesnt deduct from your holiday money helps also, nothing is worse than spending that exploring money in the expensive airports!

Having relaxing oils to smell here and there, this is to center yourself so you dont let your emotions get the better of you, the last thing you should do is take your stress out on staff, it isnt really their fault!

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