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10 minute routine is all you need, routines and bath bombs

Build a 10 minute routine a day to relax quicker!

A Majority of people start a year with new plans an ideas, but why does it all fall through and we return back to our original motivation, this is why we are going to focus on building a 10 minute routine to start EVERYTHING

Could motivation be the problem?

in a sense, yes, we are great at massive highs and lows, and its the lows that knock us when we least expect it, what we need to realise is that we are not going to stay on a high, and we will have a fall.

once we realise this, we can start planning to do, do things that move us toward what we set for ourselves, and reward ourselves for the same journey!

lets say you want to drop 2kgs of weigh in a month, and you keep a tally of your weigh over the week and the average needs to be 500gs, when you start hitting this, reward yourself, set up a reward ahead of time.

Pavlov’s conditioning doesn’t only work on dogs, it works on us also, and I have done this to myself, and I notice how more enthusiastic I am towards the goal and after when running to the next reward, we need something to make us move, and a treat that we love is that! so start rewarding yourself for more expecting or reward!

What else?

setting outrageous goals or task, now we all hear about the person that ran a marathon after 6 months training, but the exception isn’t the rule, and you need some massive motivation and planning to do this!, they set time to practise and have the time to do the practise, and the reward of passing that line, out weighs the pain of training for the event!

But when it comes to the norm, its just not really, lets say you earn on average £2k a month, then getting to £3k isnt as hard, and it is a task that can be achieved and monitored through the time you give to the task.

Going back to the above point, you can even reward yourself for getting a certain amount in by week two also.

But how to set tasks!

So, you set a task, but how do you make it with in reason for us to do and complete, but also get us somewhere and push ourselves at the same time!

Its simple,  you set ranges, you set a lower and upper range, within a certain distance, going back to the money goal, you earn £2k and want to get to £3k, you now have the range, you set a time, 3 months time, and then you break it down to weekly goals again, so as long as you hit £100 extra income every week, you know it wont be long before you gain an addition £1k a month


Or lets say you want to run five miles, you know your average is run distance is two miles before you are too out of breath or gained your first stitch, you now know your push point and how to track getting your distance to 5 miles from this two mile point, when you are consistently pushing past this limit, you can now extend the range and put a marker on your calendar to push to an additional 250meters every week or a 1/4 of a mile.

Why it is good to know your Average

When you know your average, you have a base to work from, like leaving your home in the morning, your home is your base line, sometimes its out of order, but for the most part its a steady base line to leave from and you know what you are likely to come home to.

You should treat your new plans the same, understanding your baseline and work from there, by taking two weeks to track your spare time, and what you want your rewards are to be and then moving forward from that base line to your new planned baseline is easier.

All the best things work with a good plan, and the same goes for your life and plans, lets base line and grow.


You also need a weekly/monthly recap, if you do not review, then you do not know the route you have taken, when I go walking in the mountains, I look behind, I do this, so when I am walking back, the landscape is more familiar to me and I have objects that I can recognise in the route back, this is the biggest reason why people get lost when walking in the mountains, they do not recognise the route back, and it is hard when you are walking forward, as the path forward isn’t the path back.

This is why we recommend that you take a bath with a bath bomb as one way of rewarding yourself and also recapping your week, this keeps you on the path.


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